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No More System Access Fee for Bell Too

 No More System Access Fee for Bell TooThe whole System Access Fee (SAF) thing has always been a sore spot for Canadians. It was originally introduced to help carriers recoup the cost of building up their networks, but now it is largely perceived as an unfair cash grab. Thankfully, we could be slicing the final head off this hideous three-headed beast.

Well, sort of. As you know, secondary brands like Fido and Koodo already lack system access fees. Rogers Wireless eventually followed suit, but it replaced it with a Government Regulatory Recovery Fee (GRRF). Telus Mobility axed its SAF and introduced “Clear Choice” plans that have the charge integrated. Bell Mobility has now announced that it is following suit.

Starting November 20, Bell Mobility will have a new lineup of postpaid plans that will no longer come with the $6.95 monthly system access fee. By the sound of things, the new Bell plans will be similar to the Telus ones, integrating what was once the SAF into the advertised price. There is no mention of a GRRF-like addition.

My best guess is that Bell Mobility will be taking on a similar policy as Rogers and Telus when it comes to existing customers. You can be grandfathered into your current plan and continue to pay the SAF or you can migrate over to a new plan and get rid of the SAF.

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  1. Nobody seems to remember that the System Access Fee was once a CRTC license fee that was charged to all mobile phone users, similar to the one required by CB/GMRS radio users some countries. It was $48 annually, which worked out to be only $4 monthly, but slowly grew over time.

    From the original article at "http://www.johnlange.ca/2008/07/16/apparently-the-crtc-is-to-blame-for-everything/":

    "The CRTC was criticized for charging every cell phone user a yearly license fee for cell phone use, a fee that appeared on bills as the “system access fee”. Responding to the criticism, the CRTC eliminated the fee. But guess what? Nearly a decade after the fee was eliminated, the cell phone companies are still charging it! They just keep it themselves! So the CRTC has actually done what it could to bring prices down but the carriers just pocketed it."

    So now that they're finally eliminating this, we're supposed to think it's some kind of great thing they're doing, when in reality it's just the cell phone carriers caving to the pressure of competition in the marketplace.

    That's why I'm going with the cheapest possible plan from Koodo, or even Petro-Canada or 7-Eleven Speak-Out Wireless!

  2. I was on one of these Bell no SAF plans years ago?

    They were called the All in One plan.

  3. What are you talking about in this article? Previous Rogers customers keep getting gouged the same way they always were while new customers get several lower fees that combined, if i remember correctly, is more than $6.95.

  4. As a ling time Bell customer I'm certainly not expecting a cheaper bill – what they give with one hand, they take away with the other.

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