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BlackBerry Touchscreen Slider Coming Next Year

 Expect a BlackBerry Touchscreen Slider Smartphone Next Year
Let’s have a look at the BlackBerry lineup. We have a huge range of “conventional” bar-style smartphones with QWERTY keyboards (Curve/Bold), more compact alternatives (Pearl), the touchscreen thing (Storm), and even a flip phone (Pearl Flip). What’s missing? Ah yes, the slider. Or how about a touchscreen slider?

Shaw Wu is an analyst over at Kaufman Bros. and he’s saying that Research in Motion has a prototype of a brand new phone and it’s unlike any other ‘Berry. More specifically, the new phone could look like the the RIM patent picture shown here from March 2008, albeit updated to better suit today’s users.

The form factor is nothing new to the smartphone world, having already seen countless offerings from HTC and Samsung that do this kind of thing, but it’s good to see BlackBerry doing this too. Wu says that this will offer the “best of both worlds.”

More specifically, Wu goes on to say that the BlackBerry Pluto 9900 (as it’s currently being called) resembles “a cross between the Storm2 and one of RIM’s non-touch QWERTY devices.” I wonder if RIM would consider a Palm Pre-style vertical slider either in addition or in place of the horizontal slider.

Which would you prefer?

Source: Electronista



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  1. When I saw for myself how tight the Prē’s vertical slider was, I couldn’t wait to discover the tricks Palm designers had applied to make it usable. Spoiler alert: they didn’t. The Prē’s v-board has the usability and tactile response of an early-’80’s Casio calculator-wristwatch.

    If RIM makes a non-trivial concession to serious text entry, they won’t be stupid enough to cripple it in the service of precious design. Casual text entry–the kind that can be performed one-handed–is better served by that other v-board: the existing touchscreen virtual keyboard.

    Any slider that serves the purpose of serious text entry will necessarily be horizontal.

  2. This is a no brainer. Horizontal slider has got to be best for form factor and ease of use and key seperation. Vertical would leave me cold. I have the Bold and have switched to the G1 but would go back to this new Blackberry in a hurry.

  3. I prefer vertical sliders for casual text entry. You can slide it up, type and then close again, all with one hand if you wish.

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