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XKCD Settles iPhone vs. Droid Debate

XKCD Settles iPhone vs. Droid Debate

Ever since the first Apple iPhone hit the scene, it seems that the mobile phone world has been looking for a so-called iPhone killer. We’ve seen some seriously stiff competition from companies like Samsung and HTC, but the Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless looks like it could be the strongest offering to date.

Maybe you’re reaching the end of your contract and you’re in the market for a new handset. You want a hot new smartphone that can handle all of your daily tasks, but you want to look cool with the latest gadgetry too. You need to be satisfied by this endless parade of ever-fancier toys.

So, which is it? Are you better off joining the legions of Apple fans and opting for a new iPhone 3GS? Or would you prefer to buck the trend with some Android action, taking on the Droid from Verizon instead? Tough choice, right? Well, the XKCD webcomic just may have the answer for you.

Which is better? Well, that depends. Is there an app for that?

Source: XKCD

XKCD Settles iPhone vs. Droid Debate



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  1. The droid is VERY stupid. It really copies the iPhone by a LOT! If the iPhone never came out, the droid wouldn’t have. Someone showed me their droid and the only thing bettler is the looks, and the screen backround of it. The apps are HORRIBLE, but some are fun and some from the iPhone (but not a lot). The iPhone is actually pretty dull looking, but the apps are AMAZING! There is an app for super monkey ball, this 3 dementinal car racing game where you cars blow up and stuff, a surviving from zombies game, and some other good ones. But really if you want a phone that looks cool, go for droid. If you want a phone that IS cool and people always say “nice phone” go for iPhone.


  3. I am a HUGE Apple fan…I am the guy that converts all of my friends to Apple. I am typing this on my Macbook pro…my wife has a Macbook pro and I have 2 G5 towers that I do audio recording with…HOWEVER, I got the Droid a few days ago and I am BLOWN AWAY!!!! Yes, the Iphone is sexier looking and the ease of Itunes is nice but the Droid is really well done. Maybe I am shocked because my hopes were NOT high. I too have watched as so called "Iphone killers" have come and gone without more than a whimper….but this phone is legit. I had also heard negative things about the slide out keyboard, my experience is TOTALLY positive! the slide out keyboard feels and works great. ATT also Sucks – I have had them Sprint and Verizon over the last few years…I have run speed tests and Verizon wins every time. I will stick with my Macs but this combination of Droid and Verizon beats IPhone + ATT hands down!

  4. It's amazing how short sighted people are when it comes to these highly hyped and touted iPhone-killers. Approximately two to three are rolled out annually. Does anyone remember how the BlackBerry Storm 1 was supposedly the next mega-hit? Right, the BlackBerry Storm launched with a bang and went out with a fizzle. Instead of the "Perfect Storm" it was a light drizzle at best, similar to all the other countless iPhone-killers still on the market today… at a deeply reduced fire-sale price to make way in the inventory room for the next iPhone-killer. As for Droid? The ER doctor called this one DOA. Predictions? It will be on the discount table with a fire-sale price in 8 to 10 months. Additionally, it's hilarious how to Verizon-employees and some Verizon-users that the "iPhone sucks", yet, there are talks today of getting a version of the iPhone onto the Verizon network; regardless of whether it is CDMA or LTE. It makes you wonder as to why if the iPhone is so awful would an *amazing* (insert and read sarcasm here) network like Verizon consider ANY version of the iPhone on their network? Apple is too far out there ahead of the crowd and everyone else is just playing catch up to the iPhone. Really, if you want an iPhone, get an iPhone. Otherwise, don't kid yourself by thinking that the next non-Apple manufactured phone is going to beat out the functionality, usability, reliability, accessibility, desirability, feature-rich, and design of… you guessed it an iPhone. As for those "market-share believers out there saying that Apple doesn't have a dent in the smart phone/PDA market share," keep this in mind… good sound business is not being THE solution to everyone all the time. Go back to college and get a real education: Marketing 101 and Business 101 states clearly, "THE solution is to find a niche and execute well in that niche." "iPhone" is to "smart phones/PDA", like "Google" is to "search engines", like "Southwest" is to "cheap air fares", like "Wal-Mart" is to "discount retail", like "Nordstrom" is to "excellent return policies and customer service", like "Costco" is to "warehouse shopping".

    • As of this past week, Verizon Wireless has been running their Buy a Droid and get a Droid ads and online promotions. Let's see, it hasn't even been a couple of months out and they are already running sales to pump up the volume on the piece of junk. To think, it didn't even make it through to Christmas or the end of the year before it got discounted. Again, Droid is another not-so-SMART-phone on a long list among its many iPhone-killer predecessors. What exciting and new paper weight will Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, etc. come out with for 2010? Stay tuned.

  5. The droid is junk, it is the Verizon Network that is the best. Come on Verizon get the iPhone so I can switch back!!!

  6. i have verizon and i just bought an iphone. i was inside the verizon store in orange, calif. the iphone had a better signal than verizon…yes..inside their own store. and the iphone was faster on the internet than verizon inside their own store. pretty lame.

  7. iPhone wins the speed??? Gotta be kiddiing me. Did you really do the test? Droid is by far the fastest.

    • I, too, did the two versions of the speed test inside a Verizon Wireless corporate retail store (with their LIVE demo phones) in Sacramento, CA. From an open browser, with the URL pre-typed into the field, with a cleared CACHE/Cookies/History file, and pressing enter at the exact same time… the iPhone 3GS vs. Storm2 (BlackBerry), iPhone 3GS vs. Droid (Motorola), iPhone 3GS vs. Droid Eris (HTC)… the Web page came up on the iPhone 3GS 1st each time. Just to make sure, I tried it a second time and it even came up quicker because the CACHE/Cookies/History file was not cleared from the 1st test run. Makes you really wonder about the claims Verizon Wireless and their employees make about having the largest 3G network and that Apple made the wrong choice with AT&T as their 3G network carrier. Imagine, being beat by the "inferior" competition on speed in their own retail store… how embarrassing that must be. Droid may be the fastest among other Verizon Wireless "SMART-phones", but when compared to the iPhone 3GS… it has no claim on that speed title.

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