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Rogers Rocket Hub Provides Data, Voice for 15 People

 Rogers Rocket Hub Provides Data, Voice for 15 People
You know you can buy a Rogers Rocket Stick so that you can have Internet access on your laptop anywhere you have Rogers cellular service? What if you can’t get a signal? What if you want to share that web access with other people? This is where the newly announced Rogers Rocket Hub comes into play and it sounds like it could be a great solution for small businesses and dorm rooms.

The Rocket Hub comes by way of Ericsson and it plugs into any power outlet. You don’t need an Internet access point or a cellular signal from Rogers. When the Ericsson Rocket Hub gets its juice, it then creates a Wi-Fi hotspot connected to the Rogers wireless network.

This Wi-Fi hotspot can then be used by up to fifteen devices, surfing the web at their leisure. To make matters even more interesting, the Rocket Hub effectively becomes a mini cell tower too, because cell phones in the area can use it for voice communication as well. Nifty. The voice and data plans include unlimited local calling and unlimited Canadian long distance can be added for $20 a month.

All of the price plans are also on “flex” based on your usage. For voice and data, you can expect to pay $50 for up to 3GB, $60 for up to 5GB, and $75 for up to 10GB. If you don’t need the voice, then it’s $35/3GB, $45/5GB, and $60/10GB.

Hit up the Rogers website for more information.

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  1. Call display works just fine with this unit. I have my whole house phone lines routed into this rocket hub and incoming calls get displayed on my Bell Xpressview receiver onto the Tv screen as well as the telephones.

  2. There are some factual errors in this story:
    – You certainly DO require a cell signal, that is how the Hub works – possibly different frequencies at times, but if you are out of cell range you will NOT have internet;
    – the device does not act like a mini cell tower, that is just silly! It is simply a WiFi router that can share the internet connection between multiple computers or smartphones

  3. Terrible. If you use this for your landline you will no longer have call display. Call Display doesn’t not work with the Rogers Rocket Hub.

    Far better choices out there than Rogers.

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