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Leaked: Telus and Bell iPhone Plans Revealed

 Leaked: Telus and Bell iPhone Plans Revealed
Soon, Rogers Wireless (and its dog Fido) will no longer be the only Canadian wireless service provider to sell the Apple iPhone. It’s going to get some hefty competition from a couple of heavy hitters and it seems that we’re getting the first look at the iPhone plans to be offered through Telus and Bell.

As is par for the course, you can only qualify for these plans if you choose to sign up for a new 36-month service agreement with the corresponding carrier. This can be a new agreement or a renewal, and it will qualify you for the “promotional” pricing for the iPhone too. The iPhone 3G 8GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB, and iPhone 3GS 32GB will sell for $99, $199, and $299, respectively.

On the Bell side of the equation, the cheapest combo plan is $55 a month, plus SAF and 911 fee. For that price, you get 300 minutes, evenings and weekends starting at 9pm, local Fab 5, 1GB of data (including tethering), and unlimited Wi-Fi at Starbucks.

You can bump up to $75 or $95 plans for more minutes, data, and features too. Rounding out the package is a $20 iPhone Fun Bundle for call display, visual voicemail, and 250 sent text messages.

For Telus, the cheapest is a $50 plan and it will not have a SAF, GRR, or 911 fee. This gives you 100+50 minutes, evenings and weekends starting at 9pm, visual voicemail, and 500MB data (with tethering). You can then choose between 1000 messages, My5 Local, or double daytime (200+50) minutes as a “free” bonus. Other Telus iPhone plan options are priced at $65, $80, or $100.

Source: MobileSyrup



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  1. iphone tethering on Telus uses data connection, not WiFi connection.

    I used Wireshark and watched the packets from the Apple network interface and the wired network interface.

    With the Laptop on & plugged into both the wired network and the iphone all the packets seem to go through Laptop wired connection, not the iphone connection.

    There were occasional single packets coming from the iphone. probably just keeping the connection alive.

    The IP address at whatsmyip.org was listed as

    With the Wired plug disconnected all packets were coming from iphone. The address at whatsmyip.org was a telus ip address.

    Using Safari on the iphone, the IP address was the local wifi network address, not the Telus address.

    So the iphone uses the wifi address for it's browsing and the attached laptop is using data packets from Telus unless it has an alternate connection.

    I didn't try wireless on my laptop but I assume it'll work the same as the wired did.

  2. actually with Fido you can build your own iPhone plans as well… you don't have to choose their premade ones. You can get a $50 plan with unlimited texting, 100 daytime min(per second billing), unlimited evenings and weekends, 500MB of data and no SAF or 911 fees… maybe you should all look more into it before you go making statements. add $10 and get your visual voicemail and caller ID. It's the add ons that you have to look at when you choose a carrier. Fido's add ons are cheap.

  3. fido > telus > bell > rogers


  4. Iphone is for chumps….N900 all the way

  5. I'll probably go with Telus. As a previous Bell customer, I couldn't imagine giving them any more of my money, not to mention the terrible customer service. Telus so far has been pretty good to me. My cousin has an 8gb iPhone with Rogers and has a hard time using even 1gb of data. But as mentioned earlier, if you plan on tethering this won't suffice. But i think for the average user going from a regular cellphone to smart phone, even 500mb is enough. Quite excited for the 5th when Telus will have this available.

  6. CPT. Impatient

    So does anyone know WHEN this is coming out?

  7. Mobile Syrup got these plans originally from iPhone in Canada blog….maybe you should give them credit instead!!

  8. I have been using an iphone since the 3G came out in Canada and I have rarely gone over 400MB and I use the crap out of it. If you plan to tether, then for sure it won't be enough data at 1GB, but for regular Iphone use, 1GB is plenty.

    Also, I had a phone on Rogers, but then switched to Fido. I am a very heavy user and also do a lot of long distance use and calls to the USA. With the 2000 minute plan (NOT the City Fido) and the unlimited options for incoming minutes and unlimited long distance, I have been saving an AVERAGE of $125 per month with Fido. The coverage is excellent – better than my Bell phone that I had prior to the Iphone when I was using an HTC. Fido plans are really straight forward with many options to customize what you want.


    BELL: 1GB DATA?! not enough… now a good multimedia phone and they are not provisiong unlimitted data on that phone but other ones, current pricing, you can get unlimiited data. What good is a multimedia phone when all you think of is if you are exceeding your data alocation. you can get a plan thats like 60$ with voice and unlimited data. If they do have unlimited data on the iphone and you just add 5$ which is 60$/month then i guess its a good deal but i dont think it will just be 5$ more.

  10. Personally, I will likely go with Telus. It will of course mean a 3 year contract, but in 12-18 months I know I can call up their Loyalty Department and get some extra data or daytime minutes, without much fuss. Does anyone know if Rogers/Bell do anything similar?

    For anyone who cares to look, I found a link with the "leaked" iPhone plans for Telus, posted today. I'm not trying to advocate Telus, or any other carrier, for the record.


  11. Good point!

  12. "Just about every one of our phones" eh?
    I wonder what phones might be included in "just about".

  13. Perhaps you’re right, however in Vancouver city fido is quite extensive covering the lower mainland from West Van through to White rock and Surrey and the contract I have is for the data plan which is 3 years, if I cancel within 3 years then there is a $100 cancelation fee for the contract. This quote is from their website

    “We don't want you to feel locked in. That's why you can choose a 2-year Fido Agreement or no agreement at all, if you're not into commitments. All this, on just about every one of our phones. Plus feel free to change your plan any time.”

    They also have no system access fees and you earn fido dollars which is what paid for my iphone
    One way or another they will get you, however after extensive research, in my opinion they are the clear winner. Especially if you live within a major city, if not then perhaps the other carriers might offer a better plan. Also there are 3 new carriers coming into the market in the next few months, and they are not affiliated to Bell, Telus or Rogers.

    • Globalive is not entering the market as they are owned by Egyptian oil lords, Public mobile is out of the picture and Dave wireless is virtually nothing at all

  14. Fido/Rogers requires 36 month contracts for iphone just like Bell/Telus. The 2000minutes for $40 is only good if you're within City Fido coverage. which is very limited coverage. Please review your information before posting so you do not mislead others.

  15. word up to that. May get one if they offer a unlimited data feature on pay as you go.

    • not going to happen cuz then everyone would tether it to their computer. or it would cost $200+ a month

  16. All I can say is that if you're getting into the market for an iphone, consider Fido. They offer 2000 minutes for $40 and their data plan is reasonable and no contracts. Telus and Bell are simply ripping you off, no doubt about it.

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