GE Portable Ultrasound Puts Prenatal Babies in Your Hand

ultrasound  GE Portable Ultrasound Puts Prenatal Babies in Your Hand When your spouse is pregnant with your progeny, you inevitably have to make that visit to the doctor’s office so that you can see the fetus in development. This can take a huge chunk of time out of your day. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could just do it with a more portable device? Thanks to the wonders of General Electric, you can!

GE has just revealed the GE VScan Portable Ultrasound and it’s exactly what you think it is: a portable ultrasound. Using this cell phone-shaped device, you can get a look inside the belly of any pregnant woman and show her the bun cooking up in her oven. GE won’t cover any lawsuits that may come as a result.

On a more serious note, this probably won’t be much of a preferred device for regular consumers, but it could come in really handy for paramedics, midwives, and other personnel who are constantly on the road. The ultrasound is not only for babies in the making, but also for fluid buildups around vital organs and so on.

Not surprisingly, General Electric isn’t dishing out much information for pricing or availability, but they’ll probably be connecting with local hospitals and doctors some time soon.

Source: Gadgetreview

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