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Barnes & Noble eBook Reader Challenges Amazon Kindle

 Barnes & Noble eBook Reader Challenges Amazon Kindle
The Amazon Kindle is about to face some potentially stiff competition. Competing bookstore Barnes & Noble is entering the digital arena with the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader. This is a direct competitor to the Kindle and offers much of the same kind of functionality… and more. You know, like bringing color to the table.

Just like every other e-book reader on the market, including those not directly connected to a specific bookstore, the Nook features an e-ink display for your reading pleasure. They say that this E ink Vizplex electronic paper display is the most advanced one yet… but it looks like it’s still black and white. So, where’s the color?

That comes from the secondary 3.5-inch color touchscreen LCD that fits underneath. This allows for one touch control and navigation, as well as the ability to “swipe to browse your library displayed via full-color book covers.” That might hurt the battery life a little, but it sure makes for a sleeker device.

While the Kindle only does WhisperNet (or international GSM), the Nook offers two flavors of wireless. You can latch onto a Wi-Fi network or you can take advantage of AT&T 3G.

Other highlights include 2GB of memory (1500 ebooks), microSD expansion slot, MP3 player, mono speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, personalized screensaver, microUSB connector, ten-day battery, PDF support, and the ability to lend ebooks to friends for up to 14 days at a time.

The Barnes & Noble Nook is available for preorder for $259 and comes with Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point for free.

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  1. This will fail as others have failed. B&N doesn't have the braintrust to pull this off… simply speaking, they stink. The bulk of society does not want to carry multiple devices, and I expect most to move to a software based reader model… using their laptop as a reader. For those who do want an alternative device… kindle has cornered that market, not only with content, but their cutting edge approach to delivery.

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