What We Know about Wind Mobile Launch: Plans, Phones, Surface

wind What We Know about Wind Mobile Launch: Plans, Phones, Surface
The landscape for Canadian wireless carriers is about to undergo one massive change. In addition to the monumental shift to HSPA by Telus and Bell Mobility, we’re getting ready for a couple of new players as well. We already know about Dave Wireless, but what does Wind Mobile have up its proverbial sleeve?

The details surrounding the initial monthly rate plans have yet to be revealed, but we hear that there will be a total of three plans at time of launch. For all of these plans, you can expect to see caller ID and voicemail included, as well as in-province long distance. That’s not quite as good as the nationwide stuff you get in the States, but it’s a step in the right direction. Wind Mobile also will not have contracts or a system access fee.

What about phones? Wind Mobile appears to be taken a smartphone (or at least smartphone-like) approach from several international manufacturers. Representing Canada is the BlackBerry Bold 9700, which was also known as the BlackBerry Onyx during development. Wind will also get the HTC Snap (Dash 3G) from Taiwan, the Samsung Gravity 2 from Korea, and the Android-powered Huawei U8220 from China. They just need something from Ericsson or Nokia to complete the global perspective.

To cap it all off, every Wind Mobile retail location will be outfitted with a Microsoft Surface computer. I guess you’ll have the ability to adjust your plan or add features to your Wind phone from this.

Source: TheMobileNinjas

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