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Ups and Downs of BitTorrent on Nokia N900 (Video)

Ups and Downs of BitTorrent on Nokia N900 (Video)
The Maemo-powered Nokia N900 Internet tablet looks like it’s quite the powerful beast, but how good does it fare when it comes to applications that are usually better suited to a full-blown computer? Staska from Unwired View decided to give BitTorrent a whirl on his N900 and the results are quite mixed.

One of the first things he installed on the Nokia N900 is Transmission, a BitTorrent client that’ll happily run on the N900 for all your downloading needs. He tried to start up a torrent and it seemed to connect just fine, downloading the video file without a hitch.

It’s also very good that the Nokia N900 Internet tablet was able to play the XviD file natively without any patches or bug fixes. Further still, the standard Wi-Fi connection was able to yield an average download speed of 700 KB/sec, ramping up to 2.25MB/sec at one point. That’s the good news.

In terms of bad news, the N900 does not have any software available to de-compress RAR files, a format favored by many BitTorrent users. Second, downloading a single 300MB file via BitTorrent tore through 20% of the battery. This means that you’ll barely survive the download of four or five episodes.

So, in short, BitTorrent works on the N900, but it’s far from perfect.

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  1. I just love this phone/tablet from Nokia. The Maemo software has a lot of possibilities. Many skilled individuals make apps, and most is for free. I love the ability to download movies on the phone. and connect it to a large screen at home – or in a hotel when I travel. Being stuck at an airport is not so bad anymore with web radio, games and a really good browser.
    I use it a lot, and it has replaced my laptop in most situations when I travel.
    e-mail, fax, news, watch PDF manuals, take and share pictures and other content. It is so close to perfect. I would not mind a cm bigger screen and keyboard, and a larger battery. I charge twice a day. Sometimes even 333 times when I watch a lot of movis, or use you tube on an airport. And not to mention using it for hours looking at service manuals as PDF files.
    And it keeps getting more and more stuff to download.
    My boss let us download a new game a month – so we can have something to do when we wait for planes. trains and what not.
    Right now I’m going to check if there are any educatonal stuff I can download. “just” 4 hours to the next plane is ready…

    • Your use is almost identical to mine. I use it a LOT too. I hardly ever use my laptop anymore. I download music, movies and audiobooks with it. I hook it up to my big screen TV at home and I hook it up to hotel TVs and I use it at customers when I show documents on their projectors and so on.
      I also use the GPS when I travel. And i hook it up to my home audio system and listen to audiobooks and music. It is hooked up to the laptop at work and in the car.
      I would like to buy a Nokia N900XL the next time.
      Love Maemo.

  2. Ok, that’s fine I am interesting in buying thing phone.
    Can you run a test using rTorrent client?
    I use rtorrent on my boxes because it uses the least amount of resources of any bittorrent client out there.

  3. Idiot review. Stop trying to look so smart. Its a great phone period.

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