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T-Mobile USA Gets Ready for HTC Touch HD2

T-Mobile USA Gets Ready for HTC Touch HD2

T-Mobile USA Gets Ready for HTC Touch HD2
T-Mobile USA has always been more than happy to accept a wide range of HTC smartphones, including both those that are powered by Google Android and by Windows Mobile. Well, we could be on the cusp of getting one of the best Windows Mobile HTC smartphones to date, since this leaked slide is pointing toward a pending launch of the HTC HD2.

Previously known as the HTC Leo, the HTC Touch HD2 features a giant 4.3-inch WVGA display, but the real kicker is that this is a capacitive touchscreen and not a resistive one. This makes it a lot more finger-friendly, bringing it up to par with the Apple iPhone.

You might also remember that the HTC HD2 gets a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Windows Mobile 6.5, 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, GPS, Wi-Fi, FM radio, digital compass, 3.5mm headphone jack, TouchFLO 3D, and a microSD slot. This is one powerhouse of a phone.

Bear in mind that this is little more than a leaked slide at this point, but it looks pretty legitimate. The European launch of the HD2 is set for November 11, so here’s hoping that the American launch will follow shortly afterward.

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  1. I have had t-mobile for 3 years and their customer service is GREAT, so it s only fair that the htc touch hd2 comes to. i am a HUGE FAN OF HTC PHONES. if it doesnt come to t-mobile im gonna buy it unloced anyway from europe. i gotta get this. im actually in the process of contacting the htc company since they are here in Seattle, WA and i live here HAHA lol. i wanna make sure its gonna come to t-mobile. but either way, im still gonna have it.

  2. Just put there AT&T and T-Mobile 3G frequencies and sell it unlocked

  3. yeah vzw sucks..they always pick the ugly phones. I agree that vzw should have been on top of the HTC HD2. I thought they would grab it and debut it with winmo 7. Still if they did get the HTC HD2 they would probably change buttons around and put their stupid logo everywhere like we don't know who we pay the bill to every month. VZW + HTC & Microsoft make a good combination if they got they s@#& together they could take over I feel. It's just that MS and VZW lack style, like they are still stuck in the late 80's with stuff. Look at the new Zune HD, they did not even bother making cute little icons for music, video pictures or whatever the zune has on their menu. HTC got a good sense of style and hopefully MS and VZW will learn from HTC.

  4. I've had T-Mo since 2002 and they have the best customer service in the business. Reception used to be a bit spotty, but it has improved over the years. I really don't think it's much worse than others, due to what I hear from friends with other carriers. T-Mo also has the best minute plans out there.

  5. I'm happy with the 3G from T-Mobile and I'm running it on a Touch Pro2! Even with 2 bars I'm able to tehter to a notebook and watch netflix movies. i think I have the best plan availalbe as well because I can tether at the same price for unlimited data unlike ATT.
    Also, windows mobile 6.5 is has far more capability than Android. HTC knows this! This is a GSM phone and Verizon uses CDMA standard.
    In 2010 more Snapdragon and Tegra phones should start rolling out. so don't be too disappointed. 😉

  6. I dont understand…why would they put such a great phone on such an terrible network??? Verizon should have picked up this gem.

  7. YouKnowItRules!

    T-Mobile has the Best Service, BRING IT!!!! ; D

  8. why won't this be on android instead of windows mobile……grrrrrrrrr

  9. I've never had a problem with T-Mobile, except when using the cheap free phones. But then, I haven't had US 3G capable phones, so I can't speak for the data speed (I've been using the HTC Touch Cruise and HD, imported from Europe).

  10. Verizon never gets nice phones.

    • I think it is partly because the phone manufacturers get more market from GSM network providers like Tmobile and ATT. CDMA is not too popular. Korea is the only other country that I know using CDMA.

  11. Such a shame if this goes to T-Mobile…their network and call quality are inferior to say the least…would be nice to see them come to sprint or verizon

    • Vzw is getting something similar, Don. you just have to be patient. And pay more for that monthly fee :)

    • For the coverage and service in my area, Tmobile is the best. Customer service is way better than most if not all.

    • Call quality is not inferior. I've been with T-Mobile for 3 years and haven't had any issues with call quality. And T-Mobile's prices are way more reasonable than Sprint or Verizon and there customer service is much better. But thats just my opinion. Maybe you had them before and they sucked but they've always been cool with me.

      • No, it's fact. T-Mobile's customer service and satisfaction have been award winning, and they still are. When you pit it against Sprint's, it's exceedingly easy to see why. I'd know, I work for Sprint. If anyone has had T-Mobile and didn't like them, it's because they want from them what T-Mobile cannot give to them. Their coverage is bully (good), and their prices are too. I'm not going to front; Sprint does have impressive phones, but if you join them for that reason alone, you'd better hope you don't have any problems with them; you'll be left in the rain otherwise. This, and the hopefully the iPhone when its exclusivity contract with AT&T ends would put T-Mobile on top. It could do with even greater coverage, but then, which wireless service provider couldn't? It has got it where it counts.

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