BMW C1-E Electric Scooter Stays Out of the Rain

 BMW C1-E Electric Scooter Stays Out of the RainA friend of mine enjoys zipping around town on his scooter in the summer, but he’s not exactly a fan of throwing on the rain gear when the weather starts to get less friendly in the fall. Well, he would have less of an issue, maybe, if he were to consider this electric scooter from BMW.

The original BMW C1 was released in 2000, only to be scrapped a couple of years later. Well, a new version called the BMW C1-E is apparently in the works and comes with a couple of very notable upgrades. For starters, it has that roof that’ll go above your head. From what I can see, this doesn’t completely protect you from the elements, but a little ingenuity might fix that.

Strangely, I see that it seems to have a seatbelt as well, but I’m not sure if that would be such a great idea. If your scooter is heading into a brick wall, wouldn’t you be better off bailing? I’ll leave that up to the safety engineers to determine. The rider should still be wearing a helmet either way, no?

You’ll also notice that this model has an “E” attached to the end of it. That’s because this is a full-electric scooter with zero emissions. Power comes by way of a 125V plug-in lithium-ion battery. The 27hp output is enough to do 0-80km/h in seven seconds before topping out at 100km/h.

Source: NewLaunches

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  1. That was really awesome scooter..
    I love it..

  2. e46 led says:

    In fact, So i’m loving this latest edition far more and alot more. Actually for the reason that it kinda resembles the aged classy versions. The subtle but classy design, the lengthy, low nose. Too bad I won’t buy one for at the very least 10 yrs…

  3. Evald says:


    Stroj je imeniten, tako se daleč pride. In udobno, gospodje ….

    Evald / Ptuj, SI

  4. Cliffy44 says:

    100 kilometers an hour sounds GREAT.

    BUT, that's only 27.8 Miles per hour.

    How can I get the model in the pictures phone number; as my Burgman 650 (bored and stroked to 998 E.W.H.) will do 140 MPH (504 km/h). Other than once, I NEVER go that fast; I do wear a helmet, though; and I find it best to stay consistent with the speed / flow of traffic.

    Now, as for her cell number????

    Cliffy44 –

  5. fouture says:

    A helmet was not required for its petrol-powered predecessor, either : the law considers the vehicle's cage as a helmet, and considers not only your head but your entire body is protected by it. Provided you are not thrown out, of course. Hence the belt.

    I have been driving a TWIKE three-wheel two-seater battery-and-pedal-powered zero-emission electromobile for 12 years, and the same rules apply to it. See

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