Mobile Email Service for Life with Peek Pronto Messenger

 Get Mobile Email Service for Life with Peek Pronto Messenger
Even though things don’t always work out quite the way you expect them to work out, convergence devices seem to be the way that we are heading. Our cell phones can play music, take pictures, and surf the web. Even so, there is still a certain appeal to standalone devices and that’s what Peek is trying to offer you.

The Peek Pronto isn’t a new device, but Peek is offering a rather scary-sounding deal for people obsessed with mobile email access. Rather than buying the Peek handheld and then paying for each month of service as you go along, you can instead pay one flat fee in the beginning and get email for life. Or at least as long as the Peek service stays up and running.

The newest deal attempting to sway people in Peek’s direction is $300. For that one-time price (presumably plus tax), you get your hands on a Peek Pronto and lifetime service. You never have to pay a monthly fee again. If you’d prefer something a little cheaper, they also have a $229 deal for one year of service and a Peek Pronto.

Keep in mind that the regular price charged by Peek for its mobile email service is $20 a month. If you take the lifetime plan for $300, even if you assume the handheld is free, you earn your money back in just 15 months. Then again, you might prefer having your smartphone for email. I know I do.

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