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Extensive Preview of Motorola Cliq Android Phone

 Extensive Preview of Motorola Cliq Android PhoneWe all know that Motorola is nowhere near the dominating force in the cell phone industry as it has been in the past. There are so many other competitors these days, so it’s harder than ever for Moto to rise back to the top. The Motorola CLIQ is supposed to be one of the biggest new offerings in quite some time, but how does it stand up to scrutiny?

The Boy Genius Report was lucky enough to get a review unit, even if it may not be the final production version. While it’s not nearly as groundbreaking as the RAZR was in its day, the CLIQ is said to be a “decent phone with a great concept.” Unfortunately, the execution of this concept isn’t as good as it could have been.

Rather than appealing to business users and high-end consumers who are eyeing devices like the HTC Hero, the Motorola CLIQ could be more suitable to a “young teen market” that may have otherwise chosen something like the LG Voyager or T-Mobile Sidekick. That left-aligned d-pad could be great for gaming.

Going through the hands-on preview by BGR, we learn that this phone is kind of clunky and annoyingly slow at times, but the “connected lifestyle” concept is certainly attractive. It may not be a huge boon for Moto, but the Cliq could represent a quantum leap in the right direction for the StarTAC-maker.

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  1. OK… I also had an opportunity today to review the new Android and…it is a real piece of crap! The phone looks cheap, feels cheep and just simply doesn't function well at all. The keyboard is flimsy and impossible to type accurately on. I am stunned that such a big splash has been made aover this phone and yet it is a total disapointment! I also checked out the IPhone 3gs today and wow what a difference between the two phones. the IPhone is vastly superior in every way! From appearance to functionality, the IPhone has it all over the Android, except that maybe Verizon is a better carrier. But, really, the Android is so poorly put together that I will be switching from verizon tomorrow to AT&T so that I can get the clear ly superoir phone. I'm just mad that after waiting so long, the Android is such a disappointment and I've wated all this time tolerating myt old phone when I could have had the IPhone all along. Don't be fooled by the propaganda, there are NO lines to get this Android phone for a reason. It's JUNK!!!

  2. I saw the Cliq this morning but we just got a chance to really play around with Motorola's Android-based, social-networking-focused smartphone, and we have to say, we're pretty impressed, it looks sleek and some apps come with it already that i had to download for my G1. the MOTO BLUR seems convenient if you use myspace, facebook or twitter a lot. The MOTOBLUR works for e-mails as well as socialization, where i don't have to open and close applications to get to e-mails then i see it as a plus over the G1. But what would make me run out and get this phone besides its sleek looks and 5 mp camera, is that if this phone is not buggy, and slow as the G1. share your view with me at http://www.Motorola-Cliq.com Take care!

  3. this phone sucks. I got a demo of this phone yesterday and it really sucks. I hope no one make a mistake by buying this phone. Its complicated, un-user friendly and no use. The phone quality sucks, you can barely hear the person speaking from the other side. It's update all and check all feature for face book, twitter and other other social networking sites really sucks. Hangs most of the time and for corporate email users this phone is a nightmare. Did you know that for corporate emails this phone syncs with your corporate email server and then it syncs with Moto BLUR server also to process your emails, tweets and social networking updates..
    This is a security nightmare.
    Keep away from this phone guys.


  4. Michael Kwan, this article sucks.

  5. agreed, I could have learned more from your grand mother's panty drawer about this phone.

  6. how is this extensive?

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