Tiny Micro MP3 Player No Bigger than Just Earphones

micro Tiny Micro MP3 Player No Bigger than Just Earphones
Sure, it may not be able to do HD radio like the new Zune HD. Sure, it may not be able to shoot videos on the fly like the new iPod nano. That much may be true, but the MP3 Micro Sport from Thanko has got to be one of the smallest music players on the market today. This thing fits right in your ear.

In effect, you’re getting a portable MP3 player that’s even smaller than the iPod shuffle, since the headphones and the player are one and the same. It’s like getting the Oakley Thump but without the sunglass part.

The Thanko MP3 Micro Sport looks like a really small Bluetooth headset, fitting snugly into your ear for all your Green Day and David Bowie-listening needs. To get the stereo sound effect, you attach the other earbud cord using the included mini-USB connection.

The net result is something that’s about the same size and configuration as a stereo Bluetooth headset, except it’ll come packed with your choice of music and podcast content. Just don’t ask me about the controls, since there don’t appear to be any very obvious ones on there.

Choose between the 2GB version for $55 or the 4GB model for $77. Find it for sale on GeekStuff4U.com.

Source: Crunchgear

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