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New Unlimited Plans from Cricket Wireless Include Tax

 New Unlimited Plans from Cricket Wireless Include TaxIn Canada, you can really get dinged with some of the cell phone plans out there. You see that a plan is only $20 a month, but then you have to pay extra for caller ID, voicemail and text messages. And then they add a $6.95 system access fee and a $0.50 911 fee. And then there’s tax too. Well, at least one carrier is doing something about this whole nickel-and-dime phenomenon in the mobile industry.

Hopping over to the United States, we find that Cricket Wireless is offering one of the better plans available today and the quoted price is the price you actually pay. The price includes your minutes and such, but it also includes taxes and other fees too. This is great for budget-conscious consumers.

The new $40 Cricket PayGo plan includes unlimited talk, unlimited domestic long distance, and unlimited text/picture messaging. For five bucks more, you can upgrade to the $45 PayGo plan to get unlimited mobile web. Do note that this is “mobile web” and not “unlimited data.” I can’t say for sure, but I’m thinking this “mobile web” thing doesn’t apply to smartphones.

If you’re more inclined to get wireless connectivity on your laptop, Cricket Wireless is also introducing a new unlimited $50 Cricket Broadband plan. Like the $40 and $45 unlimited PAYGo plans, this broadband plan presumably includes taxes and fees as well.

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  1. WRONG!! Boost person. Go ahead and tell the customer Boost is carrier on the OUTDATED NON-3G "iDEN" Network. In simple terms, the customer is buying Cassette Tapes in a CD/Digital World. Search google yourself. Boost has THE most dropped calls.

  2. Both are very good offers. I was able to check out the plans at my local American Wireless store location and the rep was able to help me look at both offerings and decide what would be best based on my use.

  3. Not at all!!! Cricket advertises its plans at a non tax inclusive price. I use cricket myself and I'm registered for the $35 plan. I end up paying about $45 due to taxes which were not stated prior to subscription. I also added a new feature that was stated to cost $5 only to find out later that there is a one time fee included for adding the feature.

  4. BOOST Mobile is garbage! No customer service! No corporate locations! No insurance! Limited Phones!

  5. Hey, this is Rachel from Boost Mobile, just wanted to say that there is nothing really new here. Boost was the first no contract wireless service to put consumers’ interests (and wallets) first. We created the model for a cell phone plan that has no telecom taxes and fees. And, Boost Mobile is still a better value. Why…

    – TRUE nationwide coverage and dependability … 4,600 cities and towns on Cricket? Boost covers more than 17,500 cities. And, we have fewer dropped calls than Cricket.

    – Boost Mobile is sold in more locations offering better accessibility to consumers, nearly 20,000 stores across the country and counting.

    – Boost ranked “among the best” earning five out of five power circles in Overall Satisfaction according to J.D. Powers and Associates, while Cricket earned only two.

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