Nokia Italia Starts Selling Nokia Booklet 3G for 699 Euro


booklet   Nokia Italia Starts Selling Nokia Booklet 3G for 699 Euro
Last month, we confirmed our suspicions that Nokia was entering the netbook market to compete against the Dell Minis and Asus Eee PCs of the world. We were introduced to the Nokia Booklet 3G and we saw that the Finnish company could do a lot more than “just” cell phones. Now, we’re seeing just how much this hot new netbook is going to cost.

While you can certainly pick up any number of different netbooks from any number of other manufacturers for well under $500 each, Nokia is taking a Sony Vaio P-like approach to the world by making a more premium product. More specifically, we’re seeing a posting on the Nokia Italia site that has the Nokia Booklet 3G netbook priced at 699 Euro.

Going through the exchange rate number crunching, we learn that 699 Euro is equivalent to US$1,021. That’s enough money to buy THREE Eee PCs and maybe even FOUR Aspire Ones. That’s a fair chunk of change, so why is the Booklet 3G so much more than its seemingly direct competitors?

The specs sound like they are par for the course. YOu get a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 120GB hard drive, as well as 12 hours of battery life on light usage. That doesn’t sound like it’s worth a grand to me, but let’s hope that the price will be much lower when and if the Booklet 3G splashes up on our shores. Then again, I’m thinking they won’t drop it to $400.

Source: BGR

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