iPod Touch and iPod Nano Prices Drop Ahead of Apple Event

ipod iPod Touch and iPod Nano Prices Drop Ahead of Apple Event
The “It’s only rock and roll” event is currently underway in San Francisco and I’ll have a roundup of the announcements a little later today, but it seems that Apple dropped a bomb on us just before the event went down too. If these price drops are any indication, it means that we are indeed in store for some sort of iPod update, if not a whole new lineup of iPods altogether.

Starting with the iPod touch, we find that the 8GB model is dropping down from its current $229 price. The screenshot taken before the press event says that it’ll be $189, but I have just learned that the 8-gigger will sell for $229.

Again looking at the screenshot, we see that the 16GB iPod touch will be $249 (down from $299) and the 32GB model will be $279 (down substantially from $399), but I’ve also just learned that these are being pushed a bit too. The 16GB model isn’t mentioned in the event, since it is getting doubled to 32GB for $299. The current 32GB model gets doubled too, getting 64GB for $399. They also say that the 32GB and 64GB models will be up to 50% faster.

On the iPod nano side, the 8GB dropped $20 to $129 and the 16GB dropped $40 to $189. Could this be the new price for the potentially camera-touting new model? We’ll be finding out in the next hour or so!

Source: iPhoneinCanada

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