Symbian Foundation Welcomes Boingo Wireless into Fold


boingo  Symbian Foundation Welcomes Boingo Wireless into Fold
I’m not entirely sure what will come out of this newfound relationship, just as I’m not entirely sure what will happen with that whole Disney-buying-Marvel thing, but here’s another business relationship for you to consider. Boingo Wireless has announced that it will be joining the Symbian Foundation.

As you may already know, Boingo Wireless is a popular “enabler of mobile WiFi access.” You’ll find several Boingo Wireless hotspots in coffee shops, bookstores, and other public areas. These allow people with smartphones and laptops to connect to the web as seamlessly and easily as possible.

Symbian Foundation is the conglomerate largely backed by Nokia, producing the Symbian operating system that backs all most of Nokia’s smartphones and similar handhelds. This partnership will allow Boingo to participate in the governance of the foundation, use and license the Symbian platform, and take part in joint marketing/branding campaigns.

The assumption, I suppose, is that Boingo would work with the Symbian people to make it easier for Symbian devices to connect to Boingo hotspots in some fashion. Maybe they’ll have it set up so that Symbian phones can always connect for free?

Source: Intomobile

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