Verizon: Non-Smartphones Forced into Data Plans Too

We’ve seen quite a few wireless carriers institute policies wherein new activated smartphones are required to sign up for some sort of wireless data plan too. This makes sense, I suppose, for the iPhones and BlackBerry devices of the world. Verizon is taking this concept several steps further by forcing non-smartphones to get data plans too.

You would have to sign up for a potentially pricey wireless data option for your older Motorola RAZR just yet, but they are looking to force data plans on anyone with an “enhanced multimedia phone.” What does this mean? Well, it points toward the “feature phones” in their lineup that aren’t technically smartphones.

You could look at something like the LG enV Touch, for example, that comes with smartphone-like features without having a true smartphone platform. More specifically, Verizon is eyeing any handset with a QWERTY keyboard, high-speed EVDO Rev.A, and a true HTML web browser.

If you are looking to pick up one of these kinds of phones, Verizon will get you to choose between a $10 a month plan for 25MB of data or a $20 a month plan for 75MB. This does away with the cheaper “unlimited web surfing” type options that usually accompanied these so-called feature dumbphones.

The policy goes in place for all phones launching as of September 8th of this year.

Source: Gizmodo

 Non-Smartphones from Verizon Forced into Data Plans Too

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  1. rob scott says:

    They told me you don't need a data plan for the LG Touch but you do for the Samsung rogue. My monthly bill keeps going higher and higher. I always wanted an I-phone maybe I should just switch if I really want a data plan!

  2. sug says:

    screw verizon. i got so sick and tired of paying them overage fee's of which added up to over 1000.00 dollars U.S. i just said screw it and paid the termination which was less than 200 and vowed to never return to the vz empire. they are evil and sadly enough att wireless is on that same path of sin. so what are we americans left with? went to tmobile. and still i sit there and think.oO(why did i leave in the first place??)

  3. JEH says:

    THis is complete BS and another unlimited screw the customer plan fron Verizon. " WHERE THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS DEAD LAST"!!!!! Stop the greed and madness. DAMN IT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! If only Verizon would pull it's head out of it's backside and realize it's high time they and all of the Cell Phone Coompanies and Service Providers err Customer Screwers Lower the prices of all of their plans and the cost of the new phones. There is no excuse!!!!!!

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