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Millyard Viper V10 Motorcycle Rocks 500 Ponies

 Millyard Viper V10 Motorcycle Rocks 500 Ponies
Green? Fuel-efficient? Environmentally-friendly? Pish-posh, we want to have as much roaring horsepower as possible to propel us down the road at speeds unfathomable by the average man. If that’s more your kind of thing, you’ll want to check out the monumentally incredible Millyard Viper V10 motorcycle.

As its name implies, this beast on two wheels actually gets its power from a V10 Viper engine. Yes, as in Dodge Viper. Yes, as in a full eight litres of displacement and an impressive 500 horsepower of raw muscle. That’s a whole stable of ponies for an otherwise standard bike.

Created by Allen Millyard, the Millyard Viper V10 motorcycle isn’t just a proof of concept either, because they’ve worked to make it “fully road legal.” It even “passed 2009 construction and use regulations to gain a MSVA certificate and a 09 plate.” That’s right. It’s street legal.

Check out the video below and prepare to drop your jaw for one massive engine in one lightweight motorcycle.

Source: TechEBlog



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  1. this is a true beauty it has it all sleek/power what eles could you want.i for one a proud harley owner would give up my left nut for one of these(AND IAM VERY FOND OF MY LEFT NUT) where can i get the total info on this beauty.iam really interested

  2. My guess is it doesn't weigh any more than a loaded Gold Wing pulling a trailer. But I guess you can't stop those either.

  3. Whiner

  4. I forsee a small bit of driveline lash. :)

  5. Ramet in Dallas

    That thing is a deathtrap. They just don't make brakes that can stop so much weight with such a small contact area on the pavement.

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