Latest BlackBerry OS Introduces Highly Anticipated Features

 Latest BlackBerry OS Introduces Highly Anticipated Features
Given the relative popularity of BlackBerry devices from Research in Motion and how well the devices work for keeping people connected to the office (and to friends), you would think that these features would have been introduced a long time ago. There are some advanced features there already, but this latest BlackBerry OS update brings some basic features that probably should have been there in the first place.

For instance, the BlackBerry platform is well known for its communication prowesss. It’s among the best in the business for handling corporate email, but the SMS interface has left much to be desired. Thankfully, screenshots of the new BlackBerry OS running on the Tour 9630 show that the OS will now offer threaded SMS. That makes a lot more sense!

Oh, and you know how most phones can vibrate and ring at the same time? Up until now, the BlackBerry hasn’t been able to do that without a third-party application. The new OS brings the vibe+ring feature into the foray, so you don’t have to choose between the two anymore.

BlackBerry OS also introduces a revamped application list with filter options and theme previews. Yes, you can preview a theme before activating it. Breathtaking, no?

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  1. Lior Leser says:

    I am amzaed at how I rely ion my blackberry to keep me connected. As an Internet Lawyer, the blackberry is a lifeline. An improvement to SMS is long needed. Next, make tethering simple and enable BBM to work with a desktop.

  2. Tech Buzz says:

    i Blackberry a month back and the features are very much useful and helpful for my work as well while m travelling

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