Automatic Photos of Everyone with Sony IPT-DS1 Partyshot


sonypartyshot  Automatic Photos of Everyone with Sony IPT-DS1 Partyshot
Have you ever been at a party and wanted to get pictures of all the attendees? I guess you could walk around the room and wait for people to pose for you, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a completely automated solution? Sony seems to think so, because here is the Sony IPT-DS1 Partyshot.

To accompany the announcement of a couple of new cameras, both of which have been optimized for taking good photos under low light conditions, Sony also announced the IPT-DS1 Partyshot docking station. This docking station will take pictures of everyone without you having to touch a thing.

Just set up the camera and docking station in one part of the room, and the station will automatically pan, tilt, and zoom to find the different people in the room. If it finds someone new, it’ll snap a shot. Further still, it can take advantage of its Face Detection and Smile Shutter technologies to ensure that you are only getting pictures of happy people.

This sounds like it could be a pretty interesting contraption, but I want to know how much it’s going to cost. In any case, we should be able to find the Sony IPT-DS1 Partyshot docking station on sale as of this September some time.

Source: i4u

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