Android Revolution Gets Even Cheaper for HTC Magic, Dream


rogersandroid  Android Revolution Gets Even Cheaper for HTC Magic, DreamI guess that whole Google Android revolution thing at Rogers Wireless hasn’t been quite as popular as the Canadian GSM carrier had hoped. Now that they’re left with a bunch of Android phones with nowhere to go, Rogers has slashed the price again on both the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic.

Whether you opt for the touchscreen-only HTC Magic or you go for the QWERTY keyboard-touting HTC Dream, you can expect to spend the exact same amount of money. Possibly targeting the back to school crowd, Rogers has reduced the price on both phones to just $79.99.

To get at that sub-$100 price point, you’ll need to sign your life away to Rogers. Well, not your entire life, but at least three years of it with a qualifying voice-and-data service agreement. If you’re not a fan of contracts, you won’t be getting anything out of this price cut. The sans-agreement price for either phone is staying put at $599.99.

What do you think? Can you be enticed to buy a new Google Android phone from Rogers for $79.99? Or would you rather wait it out just a little longer for a $99 iPhone 3GS?

Source: MobileSyrup

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