T-Mobile Gears Up with Samsung Gravity 2 QWERTY Phone

gravity T-Mobile Gears Up with Samsung Gravity 2 QWERTY Phone

While it may not be quite as interesting as a hot new Android phone, Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA have a big announcement today for all the messaging buffs in the audience. Need a fix of your QWERTY? Want access to T9 when you need it? You can get both.

The Samsung Gravity 2 will probably look familiar to you, because it takes on pretty well the same form factor as the original Samsung Gravity that preceded it. You get the appearance of a regular candybar phone with a numeric keypad when it’s closed, but you can slide a QWERTY keyboard out of the side when it comes time to send an email or text message.

If you thought the original was a little bulky, you’ll be glad to hear that the new Samsung Gravity 2 has a thinner and sleeker design. They’re also going with some pretty creative color options, letting you choose between berry mauve or metallic pumpkin. Fans of conventional phone colors can look elsewhere.

Rounding out the specs are multiple messaging capabilities, a 2 megapixel camera with video, an MP3 player, and an expandable memory slot good for up to 16GB of extra space. Look for the Samsung Gravity 2 to launch next month.

Source: Slashphone

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