Going Even Bigger with Kingston 256GB USB Flash Drive


kingstonusb  Going Even Bigger with Kingston 256GB USB Flash Drive
Does size matter to you? Do you think that bigger is better? Do you want to have the largest USB flash drive on the market? Kingston is joining the big boy party with what could quite possibly be their most impressive flash drive to date.

The Kingston DataTraveler 300 isn’t particularly special in terms of additional features and highlights. It doesn’t come preloaded with some special backup software and it does not have an integrated biometric fingerprint reader. Instead, its claim to fame is its massive storage.

Despite being barely larger than your thumb, the DataTraveler 300 is available with up to 256GB of internal flash memory. That really puts my Kingston DataTraveler 150 to shame, since what I thought was a big flash drive only has 32GB. This thing has eight times as much capacity!

That’s the good news. I also what appears to be a (partially) aluminum construction and a slide-out USB connector. The bad news is that it’ll cost you a very hefty $900 to get in on this 256 gigs of goodness. The price you pay to be on the bleeding edge of technology, right?

Source: Crunchgear

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