Peek Provides Recession Relief, Lowers Prices on Email Devices


Are you feeling the need to send email messages while on the go, but you’re not at all that interested in investing in a real smartphone? That’s where the Peek Handheld is supposed to come into play, but it may have still been more expensive for you? Well, recession relief is on the way.

peek  Peek Provides Recession Relief, Lowers Prices on Email Devices

The economy is going through some tough times and Peek wants to cut you some slack, especially since some of the direct competitors in the market are hitting up the lower end of the price scale too. Cheap is good when you’re watching your wallet, right?

As such, the original Peek Classic handheld has been bumped down to just twenty bucks. For a little more style and flash, you can go for the Peek Pronto. The latter has been knocked down to just $60. Both of those are much cheaper than even a $99 iPhone or BlackBerry Curve.

The bad news is that they’re not cutting any slack when it comes to the monthly service. Unlimited wireless email on either Peek handheld will still run you $20 a month. Remember that the Peek is not a cell phone; it’s a mobile email device.

Given that price, I’d be more inclined to get an all-in-one device, no? The contract price on several smartphones is south of $100 these days. Unlimited email through some carriers is only $15 a month.

Source: WSJ

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