Hole-y Cases Point Toward Camera-Equipped iPod touch, iPod nano

iPod with Camera
Many of the features that you find on the Apple iPhone are also duplicated on the iPod touch, but there are at least two items that are missing from the latter. You don’t get cellular and you don’t get a camera. Well, the picture-taking side of the equation could be changing.

What you see here are a couple of leaked images of new iPod cases. The blue one is for the iPod touch and the black one is for the iPod nano. As you can see, both cases come with a very notable hole in the back. What could that hole possibly represent?

If the rumors are to be believed, that hole is meant to accommodate the camera that could be implemented in upcoming models of both the iPod touch and the iPod nano. Further still, if these cases are in fact legitimate, it also means that the form factor for both will remain largely unchanged in the new versions.

Will your iPod touch and iPod nano soon be able to snap pictures and record videos just like their iPhone cousin? If so, should casual cameras like the Flip Video be concerned?

Source: Crunchgear

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