Lightweight Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

We’re slowly moving toward a completely wireless digital lifestyle. I don’t have a landline telephone anymore, because my cell phone suits me just fine. We’re seeing those wireless charging systems for our portable devices too. Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) isn’t new, but it’s certainly better than it has been in the past.

Especially now that the guys in Cupertino are down with the A2DP on the Apple iPhone, I imagine that the market for stereo Bluetooth devices will grow considerably. One of the products capitalizing on this is the BackBeat 903 wireless headphones from Altec Lansing.

John Biggs of CrunchGear had the opportunity to take these out for a spin and he was very impressed with their incredible lightweight nature. In his own words, these “weigh almost nothing” at just one ounce of total weight. You can almost forget that they are there.

The are “delightfully small” and offer great noise prevention, adjustable earpieces, and full controls on the side of your head. The sound quality is “on par with better earbuds.” The Altec Lansing name certainly doesn’t hurt either.

The Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 headphones retail for $99.95, whereas the BackBeat 906 (which comes with a Bluetooth adapter) is $129.95.

Source: Crunchgear

Altec Lansing Headphones

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  1. Waqar says:

    I have JayBird, now the one ear is not working. I used it just a few times, I had a very bad experience….now I am scared to buy the BackBeat 903..look the same.

  2. Dave says:

    I've tried these and also the JayBird ones, and I like these much better. Call quality is much better on these, since they have 2 mics and you can hear out of both speakers (JayBird only uses one speaker for calls….lame). I'm impressed with them.

  3. Ria says:

    hmmmm …. I dunno, JayBird Bluetooth headphones look a bit more sleek.

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