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Apple iPhone 3GS Coming to Telus This Fall?


If the stars align and all the puzzle pieces fall into place, Canadians may have another option when it comes to buying Apple’s latest cell phones. As you may have already heard, Telus plans on entering the GSM/HSDPA arena starting this fall and this could usher in an era of Telus-sourced iPhones.

Competition will certainly be a good thing for the end consumer, because it could provide for more affordable price plans. As it stands, Rogers currently has a monopoly over the iPhone in Canada since you can only buy the iPhone through Rogers or the Fido, the latter of which is a Rogers subsidiary.

The Telus GSM/HSDPA network is currently being slated for a fall test run in the Vancouver area with a more complete rollout in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler. Should this schedule hold up and if Telus found a way through the Rogers-iPhone exclusivity deal, we could be looking at a Telus iPhone as early as this October.

You’d definitely want to chalk this one up as mere rumor for the time being, especially since Telus is still a CDMA-only carrier for now, but the possibility is definitely there.

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  1. i spoke with telus and it is coming in november they dont have a exact date but rogers dosent have exclusive rights to the iphone

  2. Please, please, make it October….I desperately need an iphone but refuse to go back to Rogers. That has been the only thing holding me off…

  3. Apple still holds all the cards. Exception for Europe, Apple has supported a singel carrier and in Canada "Rogers". Canada's population at 33million or so (entire population of California), does Apple really need multiple carriers, I wouldn't count on it. At present Canadians pay much more than were many European countries for Wi-Fi no thanks to CRTC??
    Time will tell.

  4. TELUS is building HSPA network, not HSDPA. HSPA is superior in terms of speed.

  5. youhearditfromme

    if you go to gsmworld.com (the website of the GSM association), and go to gsm roaming, and select canada, you'll now see that the TELUS, and BELL networks are LIVE.

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