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Rogers to Resurrect 6GB/$30 Data Plan with New HTC Android Phones


Chalk this one up to rumor for now, but it seems that the arrival of Google Android phones at Rogers isn’t going to be the only revolution at the Canadian GSM carrier. Just as Rogers did when it launched the iPhone 3G last year, it seems that they are bringing in the 6GB for $30 data plan.

As you may recall, this promotional wireless 3G data plan was introduced in response to requests from Apple and from the Canadian community, since the existing data plans at the time at Rogers were not exactly suitable to the data-heavy approach of the iPhone. The upcoming HTC Dream and HTC Magic, both Android phones, are equally data-intensive.

Just as with the original 6GB/$30 data plan from last summer, it’s unclear how long the promotion will last, but there’s a good chance you’ll need to sign a three-year contract to get it. The timing couldn’t be better for Rogers, since major competitors will be entering the Canadian market in the next year or two. Globalive, for example, seems to be offering a 2.5GB plus unlimited email option for just a touch over twenty bucks.

Similarly, Globalive (Global Wireless) will also be offering nationwide calling plans and Rogers seems to be beating them to the punch on that too. Rogers has had Canada One Rate for a while, but it hasn’t exactly been cheap. From what we hear, a new $45 voice plan will give 350 minutes, nationwide evenings and weekends, and 1000 text messages.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about how much the new Android phones will cost, leaked SKUs are pointing toward a $549.99 price point for both the HTC Dream (G1) and the HTC Magic. That’s the off-contract price, so the three-year contract price will likely be in the $200 range.

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  1. Let's just be clear, there was absolutely not mention of a 3 year contract in those leaked plans. Globalive is only gonna offer 2 year contracts along with one year and pre-paid.

    (suck on that rogerst)

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