Shoot Better Pictures with Nokia 6600i Slide 5MP Camera Phone

nokia Shoot Better Pictures with Nokia 6600i Slide 5MP Camera PhoneSo, you’ve got a compact cellular phone that has a less than stellar camera. And then you’ve got a bigger phone that happens to have a better camera. Can ever the twain shall meet? Nokia says yes, because here is the all-new Nokia 6600i Slide camera phone.

I don’t think it breaks any industry records, but the 6600i Slide is being touted as one of Nokia’s smallest 5 megapixel slider phones, coming with a dual LED flash for those dimmer lighting conditions.

Poking around the spec sheet, you’ll discover a 2.2-inch display with 16 million colors, a microSD expansion slot good for an additional 16GB of storage (1GB card included), FM radio, Nokia WH-2103 stereo headset, and a simple yet elegant design.

My gut reaction is that this phone won’t be coming directly to North America right away, though given its “i” at the end of its model name, the 6600i should be a suitable international option. Expect the Nokia 6600i Slide to start shipping “in select markets” in Q3 for about 200 Euro.

Source: Slashphone

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