The Virtually Seamless and Invisible EagleTec Nano Flash Drive

You’ve probably noticed some pretty small USB flash drives in your day, but the new EagleTec Nano has got to take the diminutive cake when it comes to size. It may not be quite as thin as the Super Talent Pico line, but this flash drive is effectively invisible. Sort of.

With most flash drives, they stick out of your computer’s USB port, creating an unsightly protrusion that may ruin the clean lines of your laptop. No longer. The EagleTec Nano isn’t that much larger than the USB connector itself, only extending out from your notebook by a couple of millimeters. It’s almost like it isn’t there at all, acting like a USB plug.

We’ve seen similar devices in the past that acted as Bluetooth dongles or something similar, but this is the first time (as far as I can recall) that they have been able to make a flash drive in this kind of form factor. It is tiny.

The EagleTec Nano boasts a read speed of 15MB/sec and a write speed of 6MB/sec. The 4GB and 8GB versions are listed at $22 and $33, respectively. Find it on sale at Brando.

image_339_superimage The Virtually Seamless and Invisible EagleTec Nano Flash Drive
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