Telus Officially Launches Palm Treo Pro and Samsung Omnia Smartphones


When it comes to the smartphone world, you are not restricted solely to the BlackBerry offerings from Research in Motion. You don’t have to turn to the BlackBerry Pearl Flip if you don’t want to, even if you want to stick with Telus Mobility. They’re offering choices, including two options starting today.

Telus Mobility is expanding its Windows Mobile smartphone line today with the official launch of the Palm Treo Pro and the Samsung Omnia SCH-i910. We caught a glimpse of the Telus-branded Omnia a couple of days ago and, sure enough, that promotional shot is the one that the Canadian carrier is using in its first batch of marketing material.

Advertising in newspapers across the country, Telus is encouraging Canadians to “find your smart fit.” In addition to the Pearl, Pearl Flip, and BlackBerry Storm, you’ll notice the Palm Treo Pro and the Samsung Omnia in the center, both of which are priced at $149.99 with a qualifying three-year contract.

Both of these smartphones use Windows Mobile, but they take wholly different approaches. The Palm Treo Pro is, to my knowledge, manufactured by HTC and it features a full QWERTY keyboard. It also has a touchscreen display. The Samsung Omnia eschews the keyboard in favor of a larger iPhone-esque touchscreen and it rocks that Samsung TouchWiz UI for widgetized homepages.

I think Bell Mobility is selling these exact same phones for a little less money, so you may be able to use that differential as bargaining chips when you head over to your local Telus dealer.

UPDATE: A quick visit to the Telus website reveals a $129.99 (with 3-year contract) price point for the Omnia. There appear to be some consistency issues here, Telus.

image_612_superimage Telus Officially Launches Palm Treo Pro and Samsung Omnia Smartphones

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