LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth Card Adds QWERTY to Touchscreen Cell Phones


image_1394_largeimagefile LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth Card Adds QWERTY to Touchscreen Cell PhonesSome people may tell you that virtual keyboards are the wave of the future, but some of us still prefer to use a hardware-based keyboard for text entry. The addition of a keyboard can oftentimes add a fair bit of bulk, so the modular approach coming from LG could very well provide the best of both worlds.

Effectively what you can do is buy a touchscreen smartphone and then invest in the LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth-enabled QWERTY Card. Just as Bluetooth headsets expand on the functionality of your mobile phone, this QWERTY Card connects to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you type to your heart’s delight.

The LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth QWERTY Card has just run through its paces at the the FCC, so there’s a very good chance that we’ll be seeing this in some retail channels in the near future. Essentially, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard that complements your phone.

The QWERTY Card also has a small display of its own. This can be used for checking text messages, for example, without having to whip out your actual cell phone. The display can also be used to view contact information, show upcoming calendar appointments, and even work as remote camera controller.

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