Samsung Propel Graduates to Propel Pro with Windows Mobile

image_1521_largeimagefile Samsung Propel Graduates to Propel Pro with Windows MobileThe original Samsung Propel for AT&T was launched late last year, granting full QWERTY keyboards to people who wanted a smaller slider phone. This was a standard feature phone, but what about people who wanted just a little more?

Stepping it up just a notch is the new Samsung Propel Pro from AT&T. It’s like the original Propel, except this one comes powered by Windows Mobile. In this way, the Propel Pro is easily one of the more compact smartphones that we have seen in some time.

The build quality and choice of materials also appear to be improved, furthering the “Pro” moniker. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is backed up by an optical joystick, metallic accents, and Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard.

The hope is that AT&T and Samsung will have something for us at Mobile World Congress next month, but for now, no official information has been released. Stay tuned.

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