New HP USB Flash Drive is Also a Floppy


image_3209_largeimagefile  New HP USB Flash Drive is Also a FloppyThis new drive from HP is a flop, but in a good way. You may have noticed that computers still produce restore disks on floppies and the same can be said about doing BIOS updates with floppy disks. Unfortunately, the floppy drive is really going the way of the dinosaur.

Addressing this very concern is the HP USB Floppy Drive Key. It may look like any other USB flash drive, but this is actually a 2-in-1 USB media solution, being recognized by the computer as a USB floppy device. Boot up the target computer with the HP Floppy inserted and it’ll go through the process as if it were an old floppy.

Find the HP USB Floppy Drive Key for $49 or $79, depending if you want the 256MB or 1GB model.

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