First Look at Second-Generation T-Mobile G1 Android Phone


The first generation Google Android phone is barely out of the gate, but we have already caught a glimpse as to what the second-generation T-Mobile G1 may look like. You can call it the T-Mobile G2 or the T-Mobile G II if you prefer. Naturally, this is not an official mockup, but the proposed upgrades make a lot of sense.

Just as the HTC Touch HD introduced a much larger and sharper touchscreen display, the proposed T-Mobile G2 also comes with a higher resolution display and one that covers more of the front face. The proposed changes also include a smaller “chin”, less dead space, and tabbed Java V8 browsing with Chrome Mobile. It’s also notable that the screen is flush with the front face and you get access to high-resolution widgets.

Yup, the T-Mobile G2 could offer more space and be more unique. I can dig it. Too bad this is about as unofficial as it gets.

image_3336_superimage  First Look at Second-Generation T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

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