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Samsung SGH-t459 Gravity More Than a Rumor for T-Mobile

While it’s not quite the same as a full-fledged smartphone, the new Samsung Gravity (SGH-t459) certainly inches in that direction with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard. While in its closed position, the Gravity looks like any other candybar, but there is a full QWERTY keyboard that can emerge out the side for all your email, IM, and text messaging needs.

Does this form factor look familiar to you? In addition to a couple of Windows Mobile smartphones from HTC, you may also recognize this format as being nearly identical to the LG Rumor, which you can find through Sprint and Bell Mobility. With the Rumor/Rumour, the keyboard popped out of the right. With the Gravity, it slides out of the left.

Other features on this messaging phone bound for T-Mobile include a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion slot, Bluetooth A2DP, and support for T-Mobile’s MyFaves. Check it out this November.



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  1. is this phone 1$

  2. Im not tech savvy-any help with my phone issues would be appreciated. thanks

  3. I have has the Samsung Gravity for two days now and today as I was recharging it (I have to recharge every night), it died on me. I dont have any other phone service and I could not via internet get a hold of a T-Mobile rep. I took the phone apart and took out the SIM card -re-installed everything and got a response pressing the END key -the phone started up but it told me to insert the SIM card so I redid the taking the phone apart -reinserted the card -no dice. I am frustrated and angry. What am I suppose to do without a phone! the start key does not work. I want my old reliable Nokia flip phone back but I have to pay T-Mobile to take my Samsung back. Haaa!!!!

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