Sony Ericsson W760a Introduces 3G to Walkman Line for AT&T


image_3581_largeimagefile  Sony Ericsson W760a Introduces 3G to Walkman Line for AT&TFinding a cell phone equipped with 3G connectivity isn’t that out of the ordinary. Finding a Walkman phone that has 3G is a different matter altogether. Making its way to AT&T is the newly revealed Sony Ericsson W760a. This is the first 3G-capable Walkman phone to make its way into the United States, at least officially.

As with all other Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson, the W760a is naturally geared toward playing music and entertaining you while on the go. The integrated accelerometer allows you to shake or tilt the phone, getting it to fast forward to the next song in your playlist. Rounding out the specs are an HTML web browser, 3.2 megapixel camera, AT&T Navigator, and a slider form factor.

Pick up the Sony Ericsson W760a from AT&T for $129.99, assuming that you’ll sign a two-year contract and submit a mail-in rebate. Check it in your choice of red, black, or silver.

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