Release Dates Leaked by Best Buy: Blitz, Touch Pro, Bold, Storm…

Way to go, Best Buy! Even though the respective manufacturers and carriers have yet to announce specific launch dates for these highly anticipated cell phones, it seems that Best Buy Mobile has no trouble sharing this information with the mass populace.

Well, that’s not completely true. What you see here is a leaked presentation slide that, presumably, was meant for insider eyes only. The power of the Internet has prevailed, of course, so the rest of us can gawk at the shipping dates as well. Naturally, these may change and they’re not confirmed, but it’s something to go on.

Launching on October 26th (which coincidentally is my birthday) are the Verizon Blitz, Sprint HTC Touch Pro, Samsung M540 Rant. AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000, and T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip. Standing on its own is the Verizon BlackBerry Storm, which is slated for launch on November 16th.

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