Mega Memory in Mini Package with Kingston DataTraveler 150


image_3708_largeimagefile  Mega Memory in Mini Package with Kingston DataTraveler 150While news of a 32GB USB flash drive isn’t quite as breathtaking as it used to be, it is still notable when a big name like Kingston jumps into the fray. I’m almost a little surprised that it has taken Kingston this long, considering other major manufacturers like Corsair have been doing the 32-gig thing for some time now.

Well, better late than never. The new Kingston DataTraveler 150, despite its name, does not come equipped with 150GB of memory. That’d be nice, but that’s not the case. Instead, it offers a very healthy 32 gigabytes of capacity for all your portable data needs.

USB flash drives are pretty inexpensive these days if you keep under 8GB or so, but as you head up the scale, the prices don’t scale up proportionately. As a result, the 32GB Kingston DataTraveler 150 retails for $139.

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