Live Shots of Asus S101 Challenge Thinness of MacBook Air

Live Shots of Asus S101 Challenge Thinness of MacBook Air


Asus has long since been a respected brand in the computer industry, but it wasn’t until the introduction of the Eee PC that it started to gain some mainstream credibility in North America. With this newest introduction, Asus could be winning a few more fans on this side of the pond.

The exact specs and features on the MacBook Air aren’t all that impressive, but you’ve got to love that super slim profile. The Asus S101 is similarly skinny and it looks absolutely terrific to boot. No, the build quality and styling isn’t quite up to par with some of the more expensive notebooks from Asus, but you have to remember that the Asus S101 is only 0.7-inches thick.

Comparisons to the MacBook Air are undeniable, but the Asus S101 isn’t really meant to be your main computer. It’s slightly above the netbook market, but it’s not quite a full-fledged notebook either. The starting price has been set at $699 and Asus only plans on shipping about 1,000 units to the States at launch.

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