France Bombarded with Colorful HTC Touch Diamond Phones


image_3817_largeimagefile  France Bombarded with Colorful HTC Touch Diamond PhonesI guess the HTC Touch Diamond has been out long enough that it’s due for an update, so that’s why the good people of France are about to be treated to some awfully colorful touchscreen cell phones.

The original HTC Touch Diamond was only available with a jet black finish, but the French are receiving the Diamond in at least seven additional colors. These include blue, rose, mocha, red, white, yellow and purple. I’m not a big fan of super colorful mobile phones myself, but I can see how the ladies may appreciate a phone that better matches their outfit. Then again, doesn’t black go with everything?

We’ve only heard about the French availability of these colorful Diamonds, but I don’t see why HTC couldn’t start shipping them everywhere else.

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