Super Tough Portable Hard Drive is Absolute Fortress (Video)


image_3859_largeimagefile  Super Tough Portable Hard Drive is Absolute Fortress (Video)Some people may complain that their portable hard drives are rather delicate devices and that they have to be really careful with them. Such isn’t really the case with the appropriately named Fortress Hard Drive.

Available through the good people at ThinkGeek, this rugged number will be able to withstand all sorts of nasty abuse, including a “drop of 6 feet onto solid concrete.” It will also continue to work under extremely severe conditions, assuming that your notebook computer can do the same. By the sound of things, the Fortress is a good fit for something like the Panasonic ToughBook line.

Better still, the Fortress Hard Drive has an internal heatsink and is constructed with tough aluminum alloy. Beyond that, it is 100% nickel-plated. Rugged!

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