BlackBerry Storm Brewing Between Telus and Bell for Exclusivity

It’s already pretty clear that the BlackBerry Storm is destined to launch with Verizon Wireless in the States, but the Canadian picture is not nearly as clear. Initially, we thought that Telus would be the CDMA provider of choice for RIM’s first touchscreen smartphone, but that may change.

Apparently, Telus and Bell are amidst a bidding war with each other to gain the exclusive Canadian rights to the BlackBerry Storm. Telus put in the first bid for the BlackBerry 9530, but Bell has now countered with an offer of its own and the once beaver-populated provider is currently sitting on top. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Telus came through with another bid.

In any case, the presumptive launch date for the BlackBerry Storm in Canada is November 2nd, so Telus and Bell will need to work out this scuffle sooner rather than later. It takes time to build up a marketing campaign, you know.

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