Baltimore Now Blanketed in Sprint XOHM WiMAX Network


image_4023_largeimagefile  Baltimore Now Blanketed in Sprint XOHM WiMAX NetworkAT&T and T-Mobile may be pretty proud of their respective 3G networks, but Sprint is doing them one better with a 4G network. This has been a long time coming, but the Sprint XOHM network is now available in the grand city of Baltimore. Yes, 4G is here.

While 4G doesn’t offer the same kind of quantum leap that you may have experience when you went from EDGE to 3G, it is still faster, offering a download speed of between 2Mbps and 4Mbps. Sprint is offering four pricing plans. You can grab a daily pass for $10, home service for $25, a month of on-the-go service for $30, or support for two devices for $50. Choose between a XOHM-branded Samsung Express AirCard for $60 or a ZyXEL XOHM modem for $80.

After conquering Baltimore, Sprint is reportedly working on expansion into Chicago and Washington, DC.

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