Using Gmail on T-Mobile G1 Doesn’t Cost You Data

Using Gmail on T-Mobile G1 Doesn’t Cost You Data


image_4132_largeimagefile Using Gmail on T-Mobile G1 Doesn't Cost You DataEven though Gmail is a free service, you’d assume that when you log in to check your email on the upcoming T-Mobile G1 smartphone that you would be sucking into your data plan. Such does not appear to be the case.

Instead, there’s word on the street that T-Mobile will let you use the G1 (which you may know better as the HTC Dream G1) to access Gmail for free without accessing your bucket of wireless data. This sounds much like how the Windows Mobile plans work with Fido in Canada where you get a data bucket and unlimited email. There will be ads displayed on the G1, but they say that these are non-intrusive.

I don’t know if this is a huge selling point, because I’d imagine that most users would opt for a (virtually) unlimited data plan to go with their T-Mobile G1, wouldn’t they?

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