SanDisk SlotMusic Inserts DRM-Free Tunes into microSD Memory Cards


image_4232_largeimagefile  SanDisk SlotMusic Inserts DRM-Free Tunes into microSD Memory CardsWhile most people probably still use standalone MP3 players, music phones are getting pretty popular too. Instead of buying your music and your memory cards separately, you may be more inclined to look into the new SanDisk SlotMusic line of microSD memory cards.

Realistically, a SlotMusic card is no different than your standard 1GB microSD card, aside from the new logo and a special USB-compatible sled. The key differentiating factor, however, is that these cards will come preloaded with DRM-free tunes, including artists signed to BMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. The high-quality MP3 tracks can go as high as 320kbps, and the cards supplement the music with artwork, videos, and other content.

I don’t know. It just seems more convenient to me to buy a massive memory card and just download your tunes online. It’s all about instant gratification, baby.

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