Get Ready to Use the Force with iPhone-Powered Lightsaber Battles

Tying in directly with the totally awesome-looking Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, it seems that a series of lightsaber battles are making their way over to the Apple iPhone. There was a PhoneSaber app that was pulled from the App Store some time back, but it’s not necessarily because LucasArts wanted to flex its muscle.

Instead, George Lucas wanted to team up with the app’s developer, Mac Box, to create a new and improved version of the game that is fully licensed and totally worthy of the attention of true Star Wars fans. After a little bit of work, the new and improved version is here and it’s called Lightsaber Unleashed. You get new characters, cool graphics, and awesome sound effects. There’s “dueling” music thrown in there too.

Use the Force, Luke. Use the Force…

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