Quite Possibly the Scariest USB Flash Drive Ever


We’ve seen USB flash drives of all shapes, colors, and sizes, but this latest creation has to be one of the creepiest-looking ones to date. That’s because it is fashioned to look like a severed finger, not unlike the ones that you’d find inside a Mafia movie or CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I wonder what Grissom would think.

Appropriately dubbed the USB finger drive (this ain’t a thumb drive), this freaking-loking umber can be found on eBay. According to the product description “each finger is freshly cut and removed from the local morgue.” Do you really think it’s a real human finger? C’mon, it can’t be, right?

In terms of actual functionality, the USB severed finger drive contains just a single gig of storage capacity, but imagine the looks you’ll get around the office when it looks like you have a finger sticking out of your computer. It’s never too early for Halloween.

image_4616_superimage  Quite Possibly the Scariest USB Flash Drive Ever

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